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7 Home Maintenance Jobs You Should Outsource


It’s tempting to follow the principles for DIY for home maintenance, especially on a budget and especially especially in the middle of a cost of living crisis. However, relying too much on DIY can have some pretty big unintended consequences. So if you’re looking to tackle a home maintenance task that you have suspicions you’re maybe not equipped for, then take our advice: it’s better to play it safe!


This article will cover 7 home maintenance jobs that you should definitely outsource, just to ensure that they’re completed safely and with expert attention to detail.

1. Electrical Work

Electrical faults around the home are best resolved as promptly as possible, so we understand the allure to try and correct these issues yourself, just so they’re over and done with. But it’s important to keep in mind that approaching electrical work this way can be dangerous if you don’t have proper training and experience.


When it comes to completing electrical work professionally, you should always aim to secure expert services that are based locally. So if you’re based in and around the Melbourne CBD, you want to ensure that you’re securing electrical services in Melbourne to make sure your electricians are familiar with electrical faults that commonly occur in that region.


Alongside providing highly effective localised strategies, hiring an electrician will prevent the risk of electrical shock from improper handling of electrical wiring that can lead to serious injury and in some cases death. Faulty electrical work is also a major fire hazard. Qualified electricians can identify and fix these issues before they become serious, ensuring the minimisation of fire hazards – a vital concern for homeowners not just based in Melbourne but Australia-wide.

2. Roof Repairs and Maintenance

Roof repairs often involve being at great heights, which can be dangerous without proper safety equipment and training. For jobs like gutter cleaning, you may be tempted to just jump up a ladder and do some clearing yourself – but there are still very real risks of falling that need to be considered.


Also, repairing and maintaining your roof takes an expert understanding of different roof materials and repair techniques. So if you’re not totally familiar with what kind of roof tiles you have, or how to look for gaps or cracks (and what to do if you’ve found gaps or cracks), then it’s better to just call a roofing specialist.


Doing roof work means also having the right safety gear, which you will have to hire or pay for anyway. In this instance it will be better to hire a professional that already has proper safety harnesses and fall protection gear included in their price, plus the assurance that this is the correct safety gear required.

3. Plumbing Faults

With the right knowledge and tool kits, some domestic plumbing issues can be solved without a plumber. However, domestic plumbing systems can be surprisingly complex, and one wrong move could result in your home developing a leak or a burst pipe, which can naturally result in more extensive repairs becoming necessary. That, and some issues require specialised knowledge and tools for a thorough resolution.


Simple clogs can sometimes mask more extensive plumbing issues that will require a professional diagnosis and repair. And once again, attempting to solve these kinds of insidious plumbing faults on your own may lead to worsening of the problem. So don’t roll up your sleeves with this one – just call your local plumber to have the issue rectified promptly and professionally.

4. HVAC System Servicing and Repairs

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems will always require specialised knowledge and tools to ensure proper maintenance and repairs. So aside from reading through your unit’s user manuals to determine how frequently you’ll need servicing, leave the actual inspection and servicing to dedicated HVAC specialists.


Regular servicing of HVAC systems should include safety checks for gas leaks and carbon monoxide emissions, which is important for home safety. Qualified technicians can also ensure that your HVAC system is operating efficiently, which will save you money on energy bills from season to season. So if you’re concerned about the cost of enlisting HVAC specialists, be rest assured that the savings in energy expenditure for your home will really pay for these services for themselves more often than not.

5. Tree trimming and removal

Tree trimming and removal can be dangerous, especially with large or hazardous trees. For larger trees, you may have to rent lifting equipment to help with the job, making it easier to do without a professional. However, doing it yourself can be dangerous for not only personal safety but also the structural integrity of your home if a tree falls the wrong way.


For instance, if a tree is near a power line it’s especially important to have expertise as this job will require special care to avoid risks of electrocution. You can trust professional arborists to have the necessary equipment and training for safe and efficient tree trimming and removal. Hiring a professional will also cover you if something does go wrong, as homeowner’s insurance may not cover damage caused by falling trees if they weren’t trimmed or removed by a professional.

6. Window replacement

For large or second-story windows, a large amount of safety considerations and specific expertise is involved when it comes to window assessment and replacement jobs. Similar to roof work, there is the risk of falls for windows on higher levels. A professional will have the correct safety equipment and techniques to make this process as quick and safe as possible.


It may be tempting to select and install a window yourself, however there are a few factors that may be overlooked when doing this. For instance, windows should have insulation, energy efficiency and weatherproofing that are appropriate. Professionals can guide you through these choices and also ensure the proper installation for optimal performance (airtight application).


Not to mention that larger windows can be heavy and awkward to manage! Carrying the window alone can be risky without the appropriate experience and manpower that a professional will have. So if you’re looking to replace a larger window on a higher floor, just call the professionals to save you from having to take on excessive risk factors.

7. Large Appliance Servicing

Finally, some appliance servicing and care can be handled by yourself, but there are a few situations where this should be handled by a professional. And just as with your HVAC systems, the first step will be to check the appliance manual, as this will offer troubleshooting tips, common issues, and instructions for basic maintenance. If you figure it out from this then you have nothing to worry about!


More complex issues can be identified by whether it involves internal components, electrical issues or disassembling of the machine. In this case a qualified repair technician should be consulted. For things such as washing machines and dishwashers, some examples of these more complicated faults may be a big water leak, which can indicate a variety of issues. It is best to call a professional to fix this and prevent potential water damage.


If you hear a loud grinding, screeching or knocking noise coming from your appliance it is vital it is switched off immediately and a professional is called. This is a big red flag and can indicate worn-out parts and mechanical problems, this can be a fire hazard in some cases.


While some home maintenance tasks can be solved by simple knowledge and tools, there are larger issues for which you will require a helping hand. This article should have helped identify when you can safely fix something on your own and when to call a pro to handle it!a






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